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At Kanishk Interiors we make every project our priority; from minor alterations to bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, ceiling and tiling, we are experienced in handling anything.

As part of designing domestic interiors, we take a room by room approach where we explores domestic spaces and renovate them to make modern individuals feel more 'at home’. Kanishk Interiors has expert designers who are aware of how interiors have played a huge role since olden times...



For commercial interior design, Kanishk Interiors has designers that assist you in making strong design statements which connect with the brand image of your company. We offer an exclusive, yet very personal service where we like to create a seamless journey from concept through to completion, always aiming to exceed expectations. Kanishk Interiors merges high standards with an ease which makes the whole interior development a pleasant and rewarding experience.



Kanishk Interiors has for many years been the household name in Chennai for its varied designs in modular kitchen with an easy, quick and simple process. We not only help you select the best designs but we also customise the style, functionality, storage, and space consumption and adapt the materials for every element involved so it’s tailor made to fit your requirements. The designs here bring together the concern and thought that goes behind each building block, and creates an elegant, smooth and exciting experience, everyday.


False Ceiling & Lighting

A false ceiling also is a secondary ceiling that is suspended below the main ceiling of the room. This coupled with an innovative light design changes the complete look and feel of the space. At Kanishk Interiors we design ceilings that in such a way that its benefits are multifold like, aiding in sound absorption, making the space quiet which is very much preferred for most interior spaces these days; facilitating the interior to be of a better economical state, making any ceiling renovations in the future affordable...