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Kanishk Interiors has for many years been the household name in Chennai for its varied designs in modular kitchen with an easy, quick and simple process. We not only help you select the best designs but we also customise the style, functionality, storage, and space consumption and adapt the materials for every element involved so it’s tailor made to fit your requirements. The designs here bring together the concern and thought that goes behind each building block, and creates an elegant, smooth and exciting experience, everyday.

Some of our offerings in terms of modular kitchen are smart cabinets, drawers, rolling baskets, pull-out trays, and an electric chimney - altogether, a modular L-shape or U-shape kitchen. All the manufacturing is taken care of by us, which means you can be free from disrupting your daily life because of worrying about supervising labor in your home. Each component of our modular kitchens is of a high quality product that will stay trouble free making it easy to maintain.

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