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    Luxury in each detail

    Designing homes that are a reflection of your personality


    Let the light in

    brighten up your days with brilliant designs


    Work better in spaces

    that bring together stylishness with elegance

About us

We Are Kanishk Interiors

Furnishing can be a stressful process. We all want our homes/offices to look impressive, as a reflection of ourselves while also being functional. At Kanishk Interiors, we have experts at our disposal to assist you in getting started with an interior design by infusing your personality and design ideas to create your ideal home or work space. Our team also includes a set of craftspeople to customize interior elements to your exact needs.


Designers at Kanishk Interiors are used to making the most out of the given space and budget; the challenges boost their creativity.


At Kanishk Interiors we get a lot of clients through word of mouth with credits to the trust of our clients gained with extraordinary services.


Our specialists at Kanishk Interiors are not only skilful but also resourceful; there isn’t any interior we would shy away from designing.

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Why choose us ?

We specialize in more than one area of interior design – commercial, domestic, false ceiling, light design to name a few

We have designed some of the best commercial and residential interior spaces in Chennai

We provide more than just designing and renovating services. We have an excellent after sales customer service


Our Service


Domestic Interiors

At Kanishk Interiors we make every project our priority; from minor alterations to bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, ceiling and tiling, we are experienced in handling anything.


Commercial Interior

For commercial interior design, Kanishk Interiors has designers that assist you in making strong design statements which connect with the brand image of your company.


Modular Kitchen

Kanishk Interiors has for many years been the household name in Chennai for its varied designs in modular kitchen with an easy, quick and simple process.


False Ceiling & Lighting

A false ceiling also is a secondary ceiling that is suspended below the main ceiling of the room. This coupled with an innovative light design changes the complete look and feel of the space.